Skiing the Lamar Valley: a Wildlife Safari

They call it the  Serengeti of North America.  And for good reason.   The Lamar Valley is incredibly rich in wildlife.  Imagine x-country skiing around a heard of bison, and having a coyote trot by.  You might hear wolves howling and/or see them on the hillside above.  Elk, fox, marten, moose, ermine, eagles, you name it, they are all here, and many in abundance.

Join Yellowstone Ski Tours for a guided backcountry ski trip to into the heart of this wild place.  Options include valley routes using  x-country skis, to adventure lines utilizing skins and alpine touring equipment to access the mountains above.  Ski touring around the Lamar is truly a unique and memorable experience.  

Backcountry skiing is a way to become immersed in the landscape in an authentic and genuine way, and the Lamar region is about as interesting as it gets from a wildlife and ecological standpoint.

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