Skiing the Lamar Valley: a Wildlife Safari

Imagine x-country skiing amongst a heard of bison, and looking up to see a pack of wolves on the ridgeline above.  Or imagine yourself powder skiing through a open meadow, amongst old growth Douglas fir trees, and coming across an enormous bull elk, or a set of fresh mountain lion tracks. They call it the  Serengeti of North America, and for good reason. Moose, fox, coyote, marten, ermine, elk, bighorn sheep, eagles, wolves, you name it, they are all here, and many in abundance.  

Join Yellowstone Ski Tours for a guided backcountry ski trip to into the heart of this amazing, wild place. Options include x-country ski routes through the valley, to adventurous routes utilizing skins and alpine touring equipment to access the wild meadows and mountains above. Ski touring around the Lamar is truly a unique and memorable experience.

Backcountry skiing is a way to become immersed in the landscape in an authentic and genuine way, and the Lamar region is about as interesting as it gets from a wildlife and ecological standpoint.

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