Ski Yellowstone Park's Interior

The Interior of Yellowstone Park represents a genuine backcountry skiing experience.  Wild and remote, with snow covered roads and access via snowcoach (or cross-country skiing :), these areas are ideal places for an expedition type, multi-day ski trip. 


The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is truly an awe inspiring landscape.  A trip here would likely involve a snowcoach shuttle from Mammoth or West Yellowstone, and at least one night of camping.  Nearby there are numerous opportunities for x-country ski circuits, or for the alpine touring oriented: Mt. Washburn, Dunraven Peak and Hedges Peak all provide plethora of great downhill skiing oportunities.

Old Faithful

The Upper Geyser Basin is home to the largest concentration of geysers in the world.  A ski trip to this incredible place is a bucket list type of adventure.  During the height of summer season Old Faithful can be overflowing with tourists.  Conversely, winter around Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin is quiet, cold and a cross country skier's paradise.  

Morning Glory Pool.

Morning Glory Pool.

Near Old Faithful there is also the opportunity to stay at the Snow Lodge, for a luxurious alternative to camping.  Access here would also be via snowcoach, from West Yellowstone or Mammoth.


Please email, with any inquiries you might have for a ski trip into the incredible Interior of Yellowstone Park.